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SAU 70 Goals

SAU 70 Board Goals for 2013-14

Evaluation: To continue to track and guide, as necessary, the development of evaluation policies throughout the SAU.

The newly revised evaluation policy for Hanover and Dresden, GCO, has broad implications throughout all our districts as the Marion Cross School in the Norwich School District continues its goal-group work on a new teacher evaluation plan.  Moreover, all districts are looking to see a more unified evaluation plan for administration at the building level as well as the SAU.  It will be incumbent upon the superintendent and the SAU Board to shepherd this process throughout the year, culminating in an approved evaluation plan for all administrators throughout SAU 70 as well as a more refined and well-honed instrument for faculty in Hanover/Dresden, who will be embarking on their second year of the revised policy GCO.
K-12 Curriculum: To form a K-12 Curriculum Committee that will be charged with helping to oversee the development and implementation of a K-12 curriculum framework throughout the SAU.

The SAU Board has chosen to create a K-12 Curriculum Committee that will help to oversee the development and implementation of a K-12 curriculum framework predicated on "best standards" within the field.  Moreover, particular attention will be paid to instructional modalities that reach all learners as well as a systematized series of assessments, i.e., local, common, national that "measure" how well a student has learned/mastered a content area, skill, or understanding.

Communication: To develop and implement a strategic communications plan for the SAU.

The SAU Communications Committee will continue its work begun this spring with the goal of refining and recalibrating all SAU 70 websites as well as looking at various forays into "social media" that could become an effective communication tool for each of the buildings as well as the SAU.  A fully vetted communication plan for SAU 70 is one of the operational goals of this committee.  The plan also will strive to connect and support each of the districts’ initiatives to communicate to their constituencies.

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