Norwich Goals

Norwich Board Goals for 2015-16

  1. Instructional Leadership:  Sharing and implementing of best practices within and among schools
    • develop and implement strategies for increased collaboration and cooperation of staff (within Marion Cross and with our other SAU schools)
    • continue to track and use a wide range of data to inform instructional practice
    • review efficacy of current special education approach — recommend and implement changes where appropriate
    • develop a vision of long-term (21st Century) instructional needs as a means to:
      • inform hiring decisions
      • conduct meaningful evaluations
      • inform contract negotiations
      • guide professional development decisions
  2. Develop a 2016-17 school budget that addresses district financial concerns while maintaining an excellent program.
  3. Review all Norwich Board policies and revise where necessary.

Norwich Board Goals for 2014-15

  1. To continually underscore and re-evaluate the LRP process for long-range planning as a means of ensuring that MCS is not only charting appropriate growth and direction, but also that any such directional change focus on intentional and active engagement with the Norwich community.
  2. To encourage and support existing efforts to leverage data to inform practice and improve outcomes for all students.
  3. To ensure that safety, security, and wellness remain preeminent concerns on a daily basis and are consistent with changing societal issues and trends.
  4. To develop and implement a process to review Board policies on an established cycle.
  5. To develop and implement communication strategies to better engage all constituents in the community.

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