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Norwich Long-Range Planning Committee

Members, 2013-2014

(Please note that this list is from 2013-14.  The committee is on hiatus during the 2014-15 school year.)

Steering Committee: Frank Bass, Superintendent; Brian Cook, Parent and Alumnus; Anne Day, Parent and School Board Member; Ashley Morse, Faculty; Becky French, Faculty; Bill Hammond, Principal; Betsy Kohl, Community Member

Curriculum and Instruction: John Minelli, Chair; Marguerite Ames; Beth Haney; Kat Rice; Anne Day; (most recent accomplishment—call for more communication within a grade and vertically among grades; subgroup worked on French initiative) 

Foreign Language Subcommittee: Katie Kitchel (parent), Chair; John Minelli; Anne Day; Allison Litten; Scott Genzer

School Culture and Leadership Committee: Mary Coffey, Chair; Jonathan Fenton; Ellen Keogh; Sarah Rivait; Mary Sachsse (community); Geoff Vitt (community); Kristen Brown (community) (most recent accomplishments—suggestion to establish a student government; helping to transition in new principal) [Becky French, liaison]

Students Committee: Lynn Madore, Chair; Caitlin Eastman; Nina McCampbell (community); Justin Campfield (parent); Linda Addante (community member) (most recent accomplishment—a proposal for tutors) [Ashley Morse, liaison]

Staff Committee: Ruth Hall, Chair; Anna Turner; Neil Odell (Board); Jennifer Snyder (most recent accomplishment—working on an evaluation program for staff) [Bill Hammond, liaison]

Parents and Community: Tom Candon (Board); Elly Fors, Lisa Holley; Leslie Dustin; Cara Liu (parent); Mary Brownlow (community member); Judy Pond (community member) (most recent accomplishment—brochure for local realtors, considering social media) [Betsy Kohl, liaison]

Facilities Operation and Management: Jonathan Brush, Chair; Joy Blongewicz; Brian Cook (parent); Linda Gray (community); Stephen Pidgeon (parent); Ashley Milliken (parent) (most recent accomplishment—front playground monkey bars) [Brian Cook, liaison]

Finance: Carey Callaghan; (most recent accomplishment—seeking new revenue resources and considering a pre-school at MCS) [Frank Bass, liaison]

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