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HHS Strategic Planning Steering Committee

About the Strategic Planning Steering Committee  

Hanover High School seeks to actively engage the minds, hearts and voices of stakeholders across the communities it serves by engaging in a formal Strategic Planning Process. This process will yield a five-year Strategic Plan and supporting annual goals that will sustain and strengthen what is great about Hanover High School and address the changing needs of our communities.

To ensure that Strategic Planning for Hanover High School accurately reflects the values of its many constituents, a Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been established. Members represent a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the community, and will work toward consensus in shaping the future of Hanover High School.  Many individuals applied to participate in the steering committee, an indication of widespread interest in education in our community. During this school year, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee will reach out to various stakeholders, survey our communities, re-examine the mission of the school, and ultimately propose a five-year vision for Hanover high School.  Formal documents from the committee will be made available to the public.

The facilitator of strategic planning is Dr. Tina H. McCoy, or (603) 490-5874.

Members of the Committee

Board Members
Carey Callaghan
Mimi Lichtenstein
Frank Bass, Superintendent
Justin Campbell, Principal

Jeannie Kornfeld
Andrea Johnstone
Julie Stevenson
Kelsey Smith
Community Members
Neil Castaldo
Lisa Ferneau
George Lightbody
Daniel Rockmore
Michele Sacerdote
Maggie Minnock Taylor
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