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Hanover Building Committee (inactive)

Site Work at the Ray School, Summer 2015

August 11, 2015 Update:
Things are moving along very fast now that the under-grade work has been accomplished. As of today:
  • Water detention ponds are created in the key locations and just about ready for plantings.
  • The driveway and parking areas are created and close to being ready for Blacktop to do final grading.
  • Light-pole foundations are all in place. Light poles expected next week.
  • Paving rough course is planned for August 18.
  • Granite curbs also will go in next week.
  • Telephone company reported this morning that they will have their lines up and running by August 13.
  • Ethernet fiber cable is in and running, as is the fire-alarm cable and Comcast cable.
  • The school sign sculpture was saved and will be relocated and placed on a new foundation.
We still look forward to a smooth opening of school on Wednesday, September 2. Below is a photo showing a water-retention structure that was built to capture water during storms and prevent flooding of Girl Brook.
Water-retention structure

July 27, 2015 Update:
Work is progressing on site work at the Ray Elementary School.   As of July 27, the site looks very unfinished, but our Director of Facilities is confident that the project is on schedule and will be ready on the first day of School, Sept. 2.  We will provide updates here every 2 weeks until the start of school.  Below is a briefing on this summer's work:
  • Massive amounts of clay under the surface of driveway and grass explained why the pavement of the driveway and parking lots was so prone to crumbling.
  • The repetitive rains of the early summer hampered progress, because once the site was opened up and the clay was exposed, the site became a mud pit. Since clay does not sieve water well at all, it was a mess.
  • A great effort was put forth by Northwoods Construction to control mud from getting onto the street as truckload after truckload of clay/mud was removed from the site. Extra gravel rip rap was installed at exit, and a street sweeper was constantly at work on Reservoir Road.
  • Time loss was significant, so Trumbull Nelson and Northwoods went to 6-day weeks to make up for lost time.
  • July 6th through this week drainage structures have been installed, along with associated piping and gravel beds for the piping.
  • The massive subsurface "Retention" structure, to control storm water from getting to Girl Brook too quickly, has been installed.
  • The new underground water line has been installed  and connected to new piping within the building.
  • The new electricity service line has been run from pole to new transformer, which was delivered from Liberty Utilities and installed. The electricians were able to do so with great teamwork from Northwoods Construction.
  • The initial layout of the Bus Loop and Parent Loop travel ways have been laid out.
  • Eustis Cable has been to the site and installed the new fiberoptic cable for Internet service.
  • The phone company will hopefully be at the site next week to pull a new phone cable to the building. This will be a definite plus to the school since the old cable was constantly worked on to remove static.
  • Trumbull Nelson very carefully boxed and foamed the 3 pieces of the School Sculpture and removed them from the concrete pad they were linked to. They are presently stored until the new site is prepped for them.
  • Entrance water retention basin was due to be constructed by July 24.
  • Electrical line conduits are being run for the new parking lot & driveway lights.
  • We anticipate light pole bases to be created and set by August 1, along with catch basins all being connected. Then work on finished grade will begin.
Below are some documents of interest.
Return here during the summer to explore new developments!

Previously Posted:

The Hanover Building Committee was formed in May 2013 to study the maintenance and space needs of the Ray Elementary School, and make recommendations regarding changes and a possible expansion. On March 4, 2014, Hanover voters approved the proposed changes, including replacing two portable classrooms with permanent ones, adding a kindergarten classroom, separating parent and bus drop-off areas, replacing the leaking roof and adding insulation, making bathrooms ADA compliant, and improving safety at the school.  To see documents reviewed by the committee during several months of the 2013-14 year, please click "Hanover Building Committee Archives" above.

PowerPoint Overview
Link to a presentation that reviews the plans for renovations and additions, with reasons for these changes, including many energy-efficiency and safety upgrades.  Added 1/3/2014.

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